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   Automatic Pill Dispenser (2 models available)

*SALE PRICE $79.95 + Shipping

 The Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarm is a medication
reminder and automated Pill dispenser in one easy to use device.
The most affordable device of its kind, The Automatic
Pill Dispenser is ideal for use in both the home and care centers. The Pill Organizer gives patients, caregivers, and loved ones peace of mind by ensuring that only the prescribed dose of medication is available and patient compliance is achieved.

Designed with safety and convenience in mind, the  pill dispenser
features a secured, tamper-proof, locking key system to avoid over-medication. 
With 28 medication compartments,  The Automatic Pill Dispenser can be used for medication taken up to 4 times daily. Three different Alarm Tones and a Blinking Light alert the patient when medication needs to be taken and will not turn off until the pill dispenser is tilted on it's side to dispense the pills. The Automatic Pill Dispenser includes four discs that can be inserted to indicate the day of the week and the times of day depending on the number of doses needed daily.
Despite its compact size,  the Automatic Pill dispenser also features the largest pill compartment of any other pill dispenser. This system was especially designed for the elderly Alzheimer's patients, visually or mentally impaired, and  patients with complicated daily medical regimes.



 Non-Compliance Deaths Yearly in the US.



Medications work only when patients take them as prescribed. Unfortunately, patients very often skip doses or take them at the wrong time. Non-adherence rates averaged 71% and ranged as high as 97% in >70 studies where patients’ dose taking was monitored electronically. Similarly, a review of 14 studies of patients’ dose timing showed that <41% of people consistently self-administered prescription drugs on the schedule set by their prescriber. Elderly patients and those with serious psychological problems (the very patients who are most at risk for suffering adverse consequences from poor medication adherence) are particularly likely not to follow dosing instructions.


Load Time Rings
Set the Timer
Take Yours Pills
Wait For Next Dose





  How it works........



 1:The Automatic Pill Dispenser Medicine tray has 28 compartments. Each compartment holds several pills (up to 18 aspirin sized tablets).


 2: Alarm clock controls the reminder alarm and moves the medication tray. Up to 28 daily repeating alarms. Alarm: Loud Alarm with a Blinking Light. Lockable with 1 key included.


 3: Programming keys - The manual shows you how easy it is to set clock and program  alarms (up to 28 alarms). You choose one of three different alarm sounds (three different easy to hear 'alarm melodies') or silent (no alarm sound).


 4: Alarm buzzer - loud and clear sound with different tone to choose from. Even for the hearing impaired!


 5: "Index ring" Automatic Pill Dispenser comes with 3 rings = or  4 intervals for taking your medication (1,2,3,4 times per day or blank ring). Information window shows what dose of medication to take.


 6: Slotted-wheel + battery powered motor (hidden under tray) moves medicine tray one compartment at a time.


 7. Unit comes with 1 keys to lock the Medication tray

Allow 7-10 Days for Delivery in the U.S. Use 4 Regular Size Batteries (Included)


 Lockable to make Tamper Resistant

*Scroll Down to Purchase*

    Fully Automatic Pill Dispenser

    Easy SET-UP - SIMPLE To Use
    Long Duration Buzzer Sounds Continuously Until The Pills Are Removed
    Capacity: ONE Week's Supply Of Pills Up To FOUR Times per Day 
    Transparent Cover
    28 Compartments Each Can Hold Several Pills (Up To 18 Aspirin Size Pills)

    Compartment Size 20% Larger Than Other Automatic Pill Dispensers
    Medication TRAY - Lockable With KEY
    Tamper Resistant (Unable To Get To Medications Before It Is Time) 
    Alarm: LOUD SOUND + Blinking Light 

    Low battery Alarm - Batteries Included - 12 Month Warranty

    Extra Trays Available!



    *Large Slots to Hold Up to 18 Aspirin Size Pills

    *Alarms/Light Signals when Medication is Due

    *Keeps Alarming till Unit is Turned Up to Dispense Pills



In USA Buy Now:         * $79.95 + shipping

In Canada Buy Now:   *$ 99.95 + shipping

                                                                                       ( Priority Mail)                                              


*Usually Ships in 1-2 Days ** Please Allow 2-3 weeks for possible customs review

Select Country Of Delivery




Express Mail to Canada:

Extra  Medication Tray 





NEW Smaller Portable Personal

Model NOW Available
Personal Electronic Pill Reminder (PEP)


Great for traveling. Carry it with you when you go.

12/24 Hour setting for reminders

Loud Audible Alarm when it's time to take your pills

7 compartments for weekly medications

Dimension: 3.9''x3.9''x 0.8''


Large LED Display

5 Alarm tones

Fits in the palm of your hand

Battery operated (batteries not included)

90 day warranty - returns for replacement only - no refunds due to health laws


ONLY 24.99 (FREE US shipping)

ONLY 39.99 (Shipped to Canada)

Select Country

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